martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

New Update March 3013

Dear Members

I have been given the honour of attempting to update this Blog and also our Website. A daunting task as I seem to have to do it both in English and Spanish. The first hurdle is that my Spanish is too poor and I hope you can translate the pages  when you open the Blog, with the help of the TRANSLATE English to Spanish on your tools.

Yes for those of you who are still learning to use the computer, this will all be covered with our upcoming computer lessons, which we hope will be shown on our new large screen TV in the Club.

My name for those of you who do not know is Anna Tandy and both my husband David and I, have lived permanently in Spain for almost one year now.  We hope that we can serve the community of Marina Casares well and make new friends through the Members.

Lastly a big thanks to Maria and John Hammond and Pepe Guisado our President for letting me loose on here. We look forward to hearing from you all and that you will add yourselves to our BLOG and read our website.

Good Luck

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